PreK – 2nd Grade

Space Freeze

Explore why liquid nitrogen is so important to NASA and the effects of extreme temperature change on the different phases of matter. Create a cloud in your classroom and discover what happens when metals get just as cold as space.


Space Cadets

VA SOL Alignment: K.1, K.3 and 1.3

Be an astronaut for a day! Identify things that humans need to survive on the Moon! Check out a real-life spacesuit! How do astronauts survive on the International Space Station? Investigate the physical properties of moon rocks.


Spud Senses

VA SOL Alignment: K.3 and K.5 

Using a life-size Mr. Potato Head, students will explore all five senses. As students add each feature to Mr. Potato Head they will explore and classify shapes and colors, experience different smells, identify a variety of sounds, identify distinctive tastes, and touch on a variety of textures. This program is great as a review or introduction into the five senses.


Robotics: Bee Bots IN-HOUSE ONLY

VA SOL Computer Science Standards Alignment: K.1, 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 

Learn about coding basics with our programmable robots – Bee Bots! Code your Bee Bots to navigate the Bee-Bot Town; design your own maze and code your Bee Bots to race from START to FINISH; program your team of Bee Bots to put on a Bee-Bot Parade! 


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