PreK – 2nd Grade

SMALLab (Learning Lab: In-house Only)

Categorization Lab:

Students will categorize matter as a solid, liquid, or gas, as well as the differences between the seasons. Can your student categorize the right clothing, activities, animal behavior, plants, and weather for each of the four seasons? Students will match the animals to their natural habitats. Students will also sort plants into categories, and match colors and shapes.

Math Lab:

Students will review odd and even numbers and compare number values from 1-20. In this activity, students will apply their knowledge of the value of money to compare different amounts and decide if amounts are more than, less than, or equal to each other. Students will also work with number sentences. In our matching game students must find the matching number to complete the sentence.

Time Lab:

Students will be challenged to match the analog clock to the digital time. Students see a variety of time values represented on a digital clock and they must manipulate the hands of an analog clock to match the digital time. In this activity, students will see prompts like: half past 6:00 and a quarter ’till 9:00, then they must find the corresponding time on their analog clocks.

space cadets

Foundation Blocks: Science 4a (Learning Lab)

Be an astronaut for a day! Identify things that humans need to survive on the Moon! Check out a real life spacesuit! How do astronauts survive on the International Space Station?

space freeze

SOL: 1.1; 2.1; 2.3 (Interactive Demo)

Why is liquid nitrogen so important to NASA? Explore the effects of extreme temperature change on the different phases of matter. Create a cloud in your classroom! Can we freeze air? Discover what happens when metals get just as cold as space.

jr. mad scientist

SOL: K.1; 1.1; 2.1 (Interactive Demo)

Observe! Question! Predict! Test! Conclude! Discover how we use the scientific method every day by watching simple experiments. How can a gas be created from a solid and a liquid? Learn why our senses are so important when participating in science. Watch what would happen if we sent a marshmallow to space!

spud senses

SOL K.3, K.5 (Interactive Demo)

Using a life-size Mr. Potato Head, students will explore all five senses. As students add each feature to Mr. Potato Head they will explore and classify shapes and colors, experience different smells, identify a variety of sounds, identify distinctive tastes, and touch of a variety of textures. This program is great as a review or introduction into the five senses.

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Hands-on Learning Programs

Interactive curriculum-enhancing programs and demonstrations teach the basic principles of science, aviation, and space technology. Students are challenged to develop inquiry skills and use hands-on investigation to explore, experiment, and find solutions to scientific problems.