Board Members

Board Members

The Virginia Air and Space Science Center owes its success and direction to the Board Members that help guide it.  We work with an excellent cadre of Members that bring various perspectives and work experiences to our Board, helping us grow in the best way possible to serve the community and our mission. Through their guidance and direction, we can innovate, create, install, and present the work being done in our facility and through our outreach programming. 

Board members are listed by office held, then alphabetically

  • Mr. L’Allegro Smith  – President
  • Mr. Melvin Ferebee, Jr – Vice-President
  • Mr. David Holt  
  • Mr. William T. Saunders, Jr. 
  • Mr. Steve Bond
  • Mr. William T. Brown
  • Mr. Stephen Cobb                                 
  • Dr. Christine Mann Darden
  • Mr. Brian D. DeProfio
  • Mr. Michael B. Hamar
  • Mr. John Cabot Ishon
  • Ms. Gaylene Kanoyton
  • Mr. Stephen Miller
  • Mr. Ross A. Mugler
  • Ms. Chandra Oaks-Garcia
  • Mr. Joseph C. Ritchie, Jr.
  • Mrs. Mary L. Sandy
  • Ms. Miranda Subramanyam
  • Mr. Edwin Ward 

If you are interested in serving on the Board, don’t hesitate to contact the Director, who will ensure your name gets passed to the nomination committee chair.