Be The Astronaut

Be the Astronaut exhibit

Be the Astronaut is a world-class exhibit experience that teaches STEM-based content via a fusion of physical exhibitry and state-of-the-art video game technology.

Scientifically verified by experts at NASA for accuracy and feasibility, you will experience the concepts, challenges, and excitement of spaceflight through the use of touch-screen stations, artifacts, and interactive simulator pods built to look like space capsules! You’ll also have your own crew of virtual content experts throughout every stage of the exhibit. These digital characters will help teach what’s needed to fly a spaceship, pilot a lander, and drive a surface rover – then will be there as you climb in the simulators to actually perform these feats, in a thrilling narrative adventure that spans the solar system.

Do you have what it takes to Be the Astronaut? Find out now at the Virginia Air & Space Center!