Hampton, Virginia, 16 November 2020 — The Virginia Air & Space Science Center is proud to announce that, in addition to the $1.5M renovation currently taking place, it is changing its name to more accurately reflect its mission and the core community constituents it serves. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) continues to be its  core mission as it educates, entertains, and inspires explorers of all ages. As a community anchor, and in its capacity as the NASA Langley Visitor Center, it is a leader in elementary STEM education, program delivery, and research supporting families and school divisions alike. The name now reflects that dedication to science and excellence by positioning itself to improve the lives and future of the Hampton Roads community. 

Mr. Robert Griesmer, Executive Director and CEO, stated “the Virginia Air & Space Science Center is developing programs and experiences directed at changing the trajectory of lives in our community. Our leadership in STEM education supports the development of scientifically literate career-ready citizens, whose futures are our principle objective.” Mr. Griesmer went on to add, “The Virginia Air & Space Science Center is determined to convert the challenges of this pandemic into an opportunity for excellence.” 

The name and logo change take effect immediately. Our new logos can be found below. Direct all questions to CEO/Executive Director Robert Griesmer: Rgriesmer@vasc.org 

The mission of the Virginia Air & Space Science Center is to educate, entertain, and inspire explorers of all ages. It is located at 600 Settlers Landing Road, Hampton, VA.


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