HAMPTON, VA – Another piece of NASA Langley history arrives at the Virginia Air & Space Center on March 22 at 11am. The Planetary Surface Habitat and Airlock Unit, built by ILC Dover in 2007 and tested at NASA Langley, is an anticipated new exhibit for the Center.

The test unit’s purpose was to help researchers determine the best designs and materials for a habitat that could eventually house humans on the moon or Mars. This lunar habitat is the first step of building a Lunar Outpost.

A compactable and well-insulated inflatable habitat is the current solution for providing a home for astronauts during long term space travel and exploration. NASA has been researching ways to accomplish this goal since the 1960s.

For further information on the Planetary Surface Habitat and Airlock Unit, visit https://www.nasa.gov/exploration/home/inflatable-lunar-hab.html.