Exploration Station

 The Virginia Air & Space Center proudly presents the newest addition to the exhibition floor: Exploration Station.

Neighborhood Earth, developed by The Goddard Visitor Center, explains how all of Earth is one connected neighborhood when you look at it from NASA’s viewpoint in space. Visitors explore our home planet like a NASA scientist, discovering how satellite technology provides clues about the life, air, and water around us. Virginia Air & Space Center now features Exploration Station (a piece of Neighborhood Earth), 80-inch touchscreen that presents the latest in media visualizations and datasets from all four of the sciences in a mini-theater. The exhibit is highly interactive, with several digital and hands-on activities focused on ice cores, freshwater availability, active sensing, agriculture, and more. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a multi-sensory touch experience that lets visitors discover how air, water, and life intersect across the world through NASA visualizations.