Programs: Pre-K

It Matters

Foundation Blocks: Science 1a, b, d, 3f

The students will investigate the properties of matter that make solids, liquids and gasses. They will learn the terms solid, liquid, and gas, and identify objects as such. The students will witness how ice turns into water and then steam, and what happens when a solid and liquid mix.


Foundation Blocks: Science 2a, b

Students will experiment with magnets to see first-hand the effects they have on objects. Through various activities, students will learn that magnets are “attracted to” some objects and “not attracted to” other objects. Students will also discover that magnets have poles, and the effects that magnets have on other magnets when the poles are involved.

Space Cadets

Foundation Blocks: Science 4a

Junior astronauts will identify the life needs of people and living things on Earth. They will see a real-life astronaut suit and learn how NASA engineers have designed space suits, spacecraft, and the International Space Station to meet the life needs of people and other living things in space. Students will see what space food is like and take their own astronaut puppet home.


Our programs incorporate an integrated curriculum, combining reading and math with fun and exciting science concepts.

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